Letter from the chairman

Monday, February 25th 2013

As chairman, I write with great excitement about what is in store for us as trustees and our supporters as we embark on an adventure that will see lives changed on a daily basis. I sincerely hope you will join us and support the work we take on together hand in hand.

My name is Anthony Harper, and for a number of years I have been a trustee with a couple of chairites here in the UK. The work has allowed me to see first hand, work in Africa, Europe and of course the UK.

I would like as chairman to introduce you to the charity, Hand in Hand Foundation Worldwide, which was established during 2012. One of the previous charities has foundered but, the need to continue caring for the children of Zimbabwe remains. Moreover, there are children and young people the world over who suffer great hardship through no fault of their own. The idea is for Hand in Hand Foundation Worldwide, to partner projects in various places (primarily Africa and in particular Zimbabwe as well as Eastern Europe as a starting point), where children and young people are cared for, and given hope for their future. In order to fulfil our objectives, we will review and identify projects with organisations involved on a daily basis with the work, and set project goals accordingly.

Hand in Hand Foundation Worldwide trustees, would like to encourage people to give generally rather than to specific projects. However, we are mindful that some donors would prefer to give to specific projects only. This is an option we respect completely. Any surplus money at the end of a designated project will automatically be transferred to the general fund for distribution on the next available project that trustees feel appropriate.

Yours sincerely, Anthony Harper (Chairman)