Superhero 'Truth' tour report

Thursday, October 10th 2013

October 2013, UK rock band Superhero returned to Estonia for another 8 days of mission to students, giving out more bibles. One of our UK trustees self funded his place to see how things are going. So here are some snippets from the Superhero blog:

So great to see our friends at the airport. Spent a lot of the journey from airport to Tallinn talking about how amazing the last 3 years have been and how God has taken us on a pretty unexpected but beautiful journey. We had no idea where we were going when we started, no idea how to get there or what God had in store for us but it is great looking back on the journey so far and so exciting looking forward and thinking about what lies ahead.

Day 1

This has become a standard format, the day being taken up with production meetings and team meetings which went very well, food and much needed sleep followed.

Day 2

We headed south to Valga which is at the very southern tip of the country and we were about 1k from the Latvian border (although Vodafone was convinced we were in Latvia!). We were returning to a church with an American youth pastor, Chris, it was great to see him and his wife again. The event was great, lots of young people from the town came along, they heard the gospel message and all took away a bible. Also a young girl who had been along to the church in the past but not for a long time spoke to Laura, Chris's wife and said, "Ok, I am ready to follow Jesus". Amazing stuff, one more young life changed forever. The church were excited and so were we, a great start.

Day 3

Writing this blog as we travel to the next town Voru, it was an early start. Particularly excited because we are returning to the town where we did our first ever mission event in Estonia 3 years ago! We are reminded of how important it is for us to just be obedient and follow God's leading in our lives. None of what we are doing made any sense, especially in the early years, but God knew and we just followed and now it is all clear, we have seen so many come to Christ, we have a brand new youth bible an amazing team of people and so many plans for the future.

So, be obedient, follow God's lead, don't be discouraged, persevere and be blessed.

Ok, I'm started to feel sick now so will stop writing ;)

Great news, we have been invited back to play at a small festival here in June 2014 which we will do and we are allowed to give out bibles to the 500 people who will be there…..amazing.

Thanks for all your prayers and support amazing people this is turning into a bit of an epic trip.

Day 4

Still in Voru, a great day. Being back not just in the first town we ever did a mission event in in Estonia but being back with the first ever local church we ever partnered with in Estonia! We spent the day in a local high school, which for me has been one of the stand out moments of the tour so far, packed out gigs during break times and lunchtimes, the headmaster being open to us, openly christian, being in his school and giving young people a wee taste of the gospel , this is all new stuff and very exciting.

Many of the students came out that night to the gig in the local church and heard the gospel message for the first time ever!! They all took home a bible and will read it….for the first time ever. Enough said. You know what this couldmean for these precious young souls, please keep them in your prayers as we believe and expect God to begin revealing himself to them through His word.

Day 5

Yesterday was an amazing day. We had the opportunity to play and witness in places where christians have previously never been able to make a stand. This is God opening doors and we are gladly walking through them.

After a day of gigs in the local High School many young people came out to the local youth centre/skatepark last night where there has never been any christian message preached before and they heard the gospel message preached and all took home a bible. We even saw kids reading it outside the venue!

Today ( thursday ) we were in another school here in Voru. Again, a door opened. The school Direktor loved the team so much he extended the lunch hour to let us play more and afterwards insisted we come back to the school next time we are in town…..we agreed this would be good ; )

Day 6 (Friday)

We travelled to Tartu, we love Tartu and our friends there are simply amazing. Thanks to the church that hosted the event, you guys are truly the key to seeing many young people finding faith in God in your city.

An incredible breakthrough moment for this mission, I wish I could share all the ridiculously amazing things that happened that night but need to see them progress just a wee bit before we can really let everyone in on it. Rest assured it was the kind of moment you dream about when you responsible for a project/mission and trying to fathom out how to keep moving it forward….I for one am very excited ; )

Day 7 (Saturday)

We are, as I write, driving back north to Tallinn having been to the Baptist Union Mission Conference this morning. Tonight will be our first time off and we are looking forward to being in Tallinn for a few hours of down time tonight where we can chill and reflect on how amazing this trip has been.

Tomorrow we are speaking at a baptist church in Tallinn in the morning and have a gathering of the team in the evening for a de-brief.

Monday morning we have meetings with the Estonian Bible Society over breakfast before we fly home just after lunch to Manchester and drive back to Glasgow, should get home around 9pm.

Really do appreciate your continued support in so many ways, with prayer, encouragement, finance. We consider you all to be part of the team and you should know that your efforts are seeing lasting fruit here in Estonia and helping to change a generation and bring them closer to God.

You Rock ;)